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sample dissertation proposals

"The Ulysses Approach to Sustainable Development" by Ralp Bland. University of Texas. [Click here].

"Aging Among Women with Disabilities" by Tracy Culp Harrison. School of Nursing. University of Texas. [Click here].

"Gender in Organizations" by Patti A. Giuffre. Sociology. University of Texas. [Click here].

Thesis and dissertation guide

Cornell University. [Click here]. Also followed by ASI.

Yale University. [Click here].

Ohio State University. [Click here].

De La Salle Universeity: Graduate School. [Click here].

sample topics for theses and dissertations

"An Analysis of Celestial Omina in the Light of Mesopotamian Cosmology and Mthos" by Robert Jonathan Taylor. A Thesis on Diviniation, Magic, and Witchcraft in the Ancient Near East. Submitted to the Graduate School of Vanderbilt University. [Click here].

"In Search of Pastoral Care in the Seventh-Day Adventist Church: A Narrative Approach" by Colin Finucane. Submitted for the Degree of Doctor of Theology to the University of South Africa. [Click here ]. The narrative approach sees the study as a dialoge with the various realities and levels of reality of the context.

"Towards a Narrative Theological Orientation in the Global Village from a Postmodern Urban South African Perspective" by John A. Meylahn. Submitted to the Graduate School of the University of Pretoria. [Click here]. See the entire text in our "" website.

"Incarnational Spirituality in Partnership with the Powers of the Universe." A thesis submitted by Ann Amberg for her Master's Degree in Contemporary Spirituality. [Click here].

"Emotion at Work: Stories of Teamwork, Stress, and Professionalism" by Mark A Mierswa. University of Massachusetts. 2006. Doctoral Dissertation. [Click here].

"Assessment of the Reasons for Nursing Shortages and Possible Solutions." [Click here].

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