Applied Cosmic Anthropology
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The Quantum Mechanical Theories of Consciousness by Physicist Henry Stapp. [Click here].

Quantum Theory and Consciousness by Harald Atmanspacher. [Click here].

Notes on Quantum Mechanics and Consciousness by Mathematician Elemer E. Rosinger. [Click here].

New Paradigms in the Science of Consciousness by Mario Beauregard et al. [Click here].

Quantum Mechanics, Consciousness, Reality, and Time by Professor Alek Samarin [Click here].

An Integral Theory of Consciousness by Ken Wilbur. [Click here].

Mind, Brain, and Consciousness by Susan Greenfield. [Click here].

Psychology and Consciousness. [Click here].

Exploring the Consciousness and the Bicameral Mind Theory: An Overview by Psychologist Julian Jaynes. [Click here].

Consciousness and the Voices of the Mind by Julian Jaynes. [Click here].

The Divine Matrix by Gregg Braden [Click here]. In 5 Parts.

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