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sub-human culture and civilization

How did Human Culture Evolve by Andrea Thompson. [Click here]. 

Humans and Other Animals: A Voice from Anthropology by Barbara J. King. [Click here].

Humans and Dogs by Eckhart Tolle and Cesar Millan. [Click here].

Have Subhuman Animals Culture by Hornell Hart and Adele Pantzer. [Click here].

Cultures in Animal Groups by Ron Kurtus. [Click here].

Animal Culture. [Click here].

Animal Culture (wikipedia). [Click here].

The Question of Animal Culture by Kevin N. Laland and Bennett G. Galef, Jr. [Click here].

The Animal Question in Anthropology: Commentary by Barbara Noske. [Click here].

The Question of Animal Culture by Bennett G. Galef, Jr. [Click here].

The Animal Culture Debates by Kevin N. Laland and Vincent M. Kanik. [Click here].

Sub-human Culture Beginnings by A. L. Kroeber. [Click here].

Contrasting Humans with Subhumans by Jungi Shi. [Click here].

Trees and Humankind: Cultural and Psychological Bindings by Kim D. Coder. [Click here].

biospheric cultures

Biological Interaction. [Click here]. 

The Habits of Nature by Rupert Sheldrake. [Click here].

Amensalism. [Click here].

Examples of Amensalism. [Click here].

Commensalism in Plants and Animals. [Click here].

Examples of Commensalism. [Click here].

Competition and Resource Scarcity. [Click here].

Nature and Characteristics of Competition. [Click here].

Exploitative Competition by Mark McGinley. [Click here].

Symbiosis by Dave Abbott. [Click here].

Symbiotic Relationship. [Click here].

Mutualism. [Click here].

Examples of Mutualism. [Click here].

Predation. [Click here].

Examples of Predation. [Click here].

Origin and Early Evolution of Predation by Stefan Bengtson. [Click here].

Parasitism. [Click here].

Examples of Parasitism. [Click here].

Mimicry:Charles Darwin and Evolution. [Click here].

Mimicry. [Click here].

Mimicry: Wikipedia. [Click here].

Animal Mimicry. [Click here].

Examples of Mimicry. [Click here].

Cultures in the Biosphere. [Click here].

Adaptation. [Click here].

Animal Adaptation. [Click here].

Images of Adaptation. [Click here].

Structural and Behavioral Adaptations. [Click here].

Physiological Adaptation. [Click here].

Adaptation and Natural Selection. [Click here].

Biologists Study Evolution of Animal Cooperation. [Click here].

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