Applied Cosmic Anthropology
-Asian Social Institute (ASI)


1. Occasional weekly papers. On a weekly basis, the students may be assigned to read an article and to respond to an accompanying set of questions. The paper has to be written in not more than one page, typed single space, font 12 and submitted in hard copy the following week as the basis for discussion. Failure to submit during the required date, the student is in addition required to do another assignment.

2.  At the end of the semester, the following elaborate papers are required:

     (a) Technical Paper on each of the three subjects, viz.: sustainable development, mediated economy (monetary culture) in the developing economy, and the informal-sector economy. The number of pages ought not to exceed 5, typed single space, following the APA style of reporting, and must include at least five authors discussing on the same subject that you are reporting.

      (b) Reflection Paper incorporating all what you have learned during the first semester taking into consideration the perspective of Cosmic Anthropology and how this impacts on your life. A minimum of two (2) pages is required.

3. Papers found to be publishable in the judgement of the professor will be published online, subject to rigorous editing. In submitting their papers, students, then, give the professor the right to publish their materials.

4. Students who are absent for more than four (4) days, excused or unexcused, shall be required to fulfill the following:

       (a) Submit a refresher paper on the topic they missed and to be submitted in soft copy. To be written in not more than one (1) page, the refresher paper ought to include two things: (1) students' knowledge about the topic through the readings and references supplied and lectures given by the professor; and (2) their reflection on the significance and importance of this topic on one's daily life. In general, there will be as many reflection papers as there are absences of the students. The refresher paper is in addition to all the other requirements laid down here.

      (b)Take an online final exam at the end of the semester.

5. The professor reserves the right to exempt from further requirements students found to excel in class. Class excellence is based on the papers submitted by the students.

6. Students who are enrolled in this class for purposes of personal, rather than career enrichment are not obliged to fulfill the above requirements. 

grading system

Students who fully complete the above requirements are given a passing grade. It is, however, the professor's own internal policy to rate deserving students in his class as follows:

     (1) Summa cum laude (with highest distinction)

     (2) Magna cum laude (with great distinction); and

     (3) Cum laude (with distinction)

Those who are unable to fulfill even one of the above requirements will be given an incomplete grade which they have to complete within the next semester term. Failure to do this means they will have to re-enroll the subject.

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