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The psychic realm is the world of paranormal phenomena and events, or things that can be detected by our ordinary physical senses. What are these paranormal phenomena and events? Is communication between the psychic and pyshical worlds possible at all? What does science say about these phenomena? What does religion say about these phenomena also? How can human beings activate and develop their psychic abilities?e:

the psychic cosmos

The third dimension proposed to compose our Cosmos is the psychical dimension. Its inclusion as the third significant dimension is quite a daring one, if not outrageous, to many. Understandably, it can raise so many eyebrows and, perhaps, frightful looks, especially from the mainstream of physical or natural sciences. This is even truer with the addition in the proposed cosmic paradigm of the spiritual dimension. And the cause for this unwholesome reaction is just perfectly judicious and sound from the perspective of a discipline trained in the use of reason, logic, causality, continuing verification from objective facts of varying conditions,  and where everything need to be proven through the rigor of scientific experimentation. On the other hand, the “sensitive,” “psychic,” and “theist” would highly welcome this addition as part of our Cosmos. All these mixed and conflicting reactions to consider the psychical and spirit dimensions in our exploration of the Cosmos only reflect the divergent views held by humanity in our description of the Cosmos. Maybe, it’s high time to no longer ignore these metaphysical phenomena even in the scientific discussions, and to accept them merely as differing views held by humanity because of its differing beliefs, culture, and academic training. This is, in fact, this attitude of openness that modern science espoused for the past few years.

The psychical dimension is the world where paranormal or strange phenomena and events occur. These occurrences are considered “paranormal” since they cannot be explained or verified from our five physical sensory experiences of sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste. They happen without any cause, even defying logic as well as our concept of time and space. Events occur simultaneously, implying  instantaneous communication. Things, events, then, travel faster than the speed of light. And maybe there is no more need of time since everything happens at the same time in a continuoum; there is no more past and future; everything is the present moment. There is as well no more need for information transfer and the concept of space has become irrelevant. The only way to explain and verify all this is by going deeper into the quantum world, through our extra-sensory perceptions, or ESP, and, as the giants of quantum physics would venture to say, to “experience” the events that are happening between the observer-participant and the object being observed. Indeed, this kind of an experience is not sensory because the object being observed cannot be reached by our ordinary senses. And indeed modern science now talks about, and even does some experimentation on, such strange phenomena and events as mental telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, invisibility, teleportation, mind reading, bi-location, reincarnation, karma, near-death-experiences, and the like.

are paranormal events real?

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