Applied Cosmic Anthropology
-Asian Social Institute (ASI)

reflection papers

Class 2013-14

Transcending Disciplinary Boundaries Toward a Cosmic Perspective by Remedios Abijan-Nalundasan

Looking from the Eyes of ACA by Bibeth Liboon. 

The Dance of Consciousness Unfolds Within Me by Emma Cantor

reflection papers

Class 2012-2013

The Transformative Value of ACA by Mary Anne P. Lopez.

What ACA Means to Me by Desiree B. Anonat.

My Cosmic Journey by Finina Arcilla.  

My Reflections by Gemma Avisado.

Role of Spirituality in Transforming People by Romeo Banatlao.

ACA to Me by Bing Calsado.

The Cosmos To Me by Erwin Buenviaje.

Mind Expander by Mariko Ishizuka Camacho

To Quench My Thirst by Leodegario P. de Castro

My Reflections on Cosmic Anthropology by Shann Ferrer.

A Quest for a Meaningful Existence by Mandy Grata

Of Mountains, Myths, Maya, and M-Theory by Ava Vivian Gonzales.

My Reflections by Grace Jiao Gonzales.

Sustainable Cooperatives: What Are We Missing by Marissa Espineli. 

What I learned from Cosmic Anthropology by Irina Otmakhova.


Earlier Batches

Invisible Hand by Cristina Francisco.

Open Space Spirituality by Marieta L. Guazon.

Thinking Cosmically by Bernard LH.Fernando

Psychology and Cosmic Anthropology by Gemma Gosgolan.

Train Tracks of Paco, Manila by Sr. M. Natividad M. Lucero.

The Benefits that ACA Brings by Fr. George Kallumkal

I am in the Right Direction by Josie Madrona.

Cosmic Anthropology and Cooperativism by Jessica Maglunob.

On Radio Waves, Cyberspace, and Saving Rivers by Jun Redor.

Cooperativism and Its Impact on My Views. by Henry Ruiz.

Discovering Our Cosmic Consciousness by Carol Sayago.

Bridging Academic Disciplines by Earnest Tan.

Ecological Man by Vivian Titular

Muddling through Flambouyant Flatland Economics? by Felix Zamar.  

elaborate papers

The Voice of the other by Lorenzo Isla

Applying the Aims and Methodology of ACA by Elias Sampa.

Philippine Values Education by Tony Ingles

Awakening Consciousness and the Values of the Honeybees by Earnest Tan

The Search for a Life of Integrity in a Globalized World by Ronante Angeles.

Herbal Medicine; Making Sustainable Development Work by Ronante Angeles.

Rethinking Conventional Economics ... by Victoria Rialp.

Critical Issues in Sustainable Development by Sunthorn Womjongporn.

The Impact of Subsidiarity and Economic Abundance by Joseph Balaoing.

The Informal Sector by Ma. Saturnina Hamili.

Taking Care of Our Home by Chit de la Torre.

Cosmic Anthropology and Sustainable Development by Helen Mitchell.

Harmonization and Determinism by Sofio Montenegro Isaga.

Harmonizing Technology with Ecology by Delila Lojo.

Harmonizing Technology and Ecology by Grace Mercado.

Banahaw Indigenous Knowledge System by Rolando V. Redor, Jr. 

Discovering Our Cosmic Consciousness by Carolina Sayago.

Alternative Paradigm for Viewing the Monetary System by Ma. Saturnina M. Halili.

Gender and Sustainable Development by Patria C. Guillermo.

Poverty and the Global Market Economy by Philip C. Penaflor.

Teaching and Its Implications to Mediated Economics by Joy L. Crystal

Harmonizing Technology and Ecology by Joan Tenda.

Mediated Economy and the Informal Sector by Nilo Cabides.

Cosmic Anthropology: Bearer of the Torch and Compassion by Allan Leus.

Learning from the Cosmic Sister by Leah T. Navarro


In 2011, Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D., professor of Anthropology, and Noel Astillero, Ph.D. (cand.), undertook a series of researches and exchanges on the subject "Viewing Humanity from the Cosmic Perspective" that spans over a period of four months. The approach taken is interdisciplinary in nature in the sense that it took into consideration theories, findings, and discoveries from the physical sciences, social sciences, as well as from arts and humanities. The purpose is to explore whether or not a possibility of convergence is possible. But the issue is still far from settled. Additional researches need to be continued. You may refer to these exchanges below.

Part 1 - Cosmic Consciousness                        

Part 2 - Quantum Physics and Kabbalah 

Part 3 - A Cosmic Anthropological Construct 

Part 4 - Biological Anthropology 

Part 5 - Human Life

Part 6 - Subhuman Life from the Viewpoint of Mysticism 


Explaining what ACA is can be challenging, but fun. (anonymous).

An Experience of Oneness with the Cosmos. (anon).

Ocean Reverie: A Cosmic Perspective. (anon).


June 1999 – May 2012



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