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technology and ecology

Balancing Technology and Ecology by Frederick Kirshenmann [Click here].

Technology and Ecology by J. Stan Rowe [Click here].

Modern Technology's Effect on Ecology. [Click here].

Technology Has Bad Effects on Environment. [Click here].

Technology and Ecology. [Click here].

When Technology and Ecology Meet [Click here].

Behavioral Technology and Behavioral Ecology. [Click here].

Technology and Ecological Economics. [Click here].

Ecological Impact of Mining. [Click here].

Deep Ecology. [Click here].

Deep Ecologists. [Click here].

technology and science

Technology. [Click here]. 

Art, Ecology, and Humanity by Austin Cline [Click here].

Energetic Medicine by Dr. Motoyama [Click here ].

Globalization and the Choice of Technology by Kumar Venkat [Click here].

Technological Determinism by Dogie Bicket [Click here].

The Technology Revolution by NIC [Click here]. 

technology and society

The Effects of Technology on Society. [Click here].

Rethinking the Environmental Impacts of Population, Affluence, and Technology. [Click here].

Harmful Effects of Genetically Modified Foods. [Click here].

technology and agriculture

Lim Li Ching. 2004. “Sustainable Agriculture is Productive!” ISIS/TWN.

Reijntjes, Coen, Bertsus Haverkort, and Ann Waters-Bayer. 1995. Farming for the Future: An Introduction to Low-External-Output and Sustainable Agriculture (LEISA). London: MacMillan. 

Agroecology by Miguel A. Altiere [Click here]. 

Agroecology and Hunger by Miguel A. Altiere [Click here].

Biodynamic Farming [Click here].

Biodynamic Agriculture by Sherry Wildfeuer [Click here].

Organic Agriculture Fights Back by Lim Li Ching [Click here].

Organic Farming by Susan S. Lang [Click here].

Emily Birr. 2006. “Organic Food Fights.” Compiled for Newshour Extra.

Susan S. Lang. 2005. “Organic farming produces same yields but uses less energy and no pesticides.” Cornell University Publication.

Lim Li Ching. 2004. “Organic Agriculture Fights Back.” (ISIS/TWN).

Sustainable Agriculture by Lim Li Ching [Click here].

Green Revolution: Lessons by Peter Rosset, Ph.D. [Click here].

Dangers of Genetic Engineering in Agriculture. [Click here].

Risks of Genetic Engineering. [Click here].

Genetically Engineered Foods. [Click here].

Miguel A. Altieri, Peter Rosset, Lori Ann Thrupp. 2005. “The Potential of Agroecology to Combat Hunger in the Developing World.”

Miguel A. Altieri. “Agroecology: principles and strategies for designing sustainable farming systems.” University of California, Berkeley.

“Lessons from the Green Revolution: Do We Need New Technology to End Hunger?” March/April 2000.

technology, culture, and the people

The Role of Indigenous People and Their Technology. [Click here].

Indigenous Technology and Culture. [Click here].

Technology and Culture by Thomas P. Hughes [Click here].

Cultural Issues in the Adoption of Information and Communication Technology. [Click here].

Cultural Ecology. [Click here].

Managing Indigenous Knowledge and Traditional Cultural Expressions. [Click here].

Biotechnology and Indigenous People by Victoria Tauli-Corpuz [Click here].

Information Technology and Indigenous People. [Click here].

Information and Communication Technology for Cultural Transmission Among Indigenous Peoples. [Click here].

Traditional Cultures and Modernization. [Click here].

Technology and Indigenous Language Revitalization. [Click here].

The Impact of Technology on Indigenous People. [Click here].

indigenous knowledge

What is Indigenous Knowledge. [Click here].

Indigenous Knowledge. [Click here].

Indigenous Knowledge and Intellectual Property Rights. [Click here].

Indigenous Knowledge for Development. [Click here].

Integrating Appropriate Indigenous Knowledge. [Click here].

Exploring Indigenous Innovations. [Click here].

Indigenous Knowledge, Agricultural Practices, and Food Security in Developing Countries. [Click here].

Raising Awareness or Indigenous Technology in Science and Technology Education. [Click here].

Inflows of Foreign Technology and Indigenous Technological Development. [Click here].

Documenting and Disseminating Agricultural Indigenous Knowledge. [Click here].

Mass Media in the Philippines [Click here].

system of rice intensification (SRI)

Henri de Laulanie. 1993. “Technical Presentation of the System of Rice Intensification (SRI), Based on Katayama’s Tillering Model.” Journal Tropicultura. Brussels. Available in PDF format.

Willem A. Stoop. 2003.” The System of Rice Intensification (SRI) from Madagascar.”

Normal Uphoff. “Question and Answer About the System of Rice Intensification (SRI) for Raising the Productivity of Land, Labor, and Water.” Available in PDF format.

Normal Uphoff. “Agroecological Implications of the System of Rice Intensification (SRI) in Madagascar.” Environment, Development and Sustainability. Volume 1, Numbers 3-4 / September, 1999. vg37m54225284510/?p=31a9a2fe3be7463e866dfe0 f54b07ac4&pi=8.

Christopher B. Barrett, Christine M. Moser, Joeli Barison, and Oloro V. McHugh. 2003. “Better Technology, Better Plots or Better Farmers?: Identifying Changes in Productivity and Risk Among Malagasy Rice Farmers.” Prepared for presentation at the annual meetings of the American Agricultural Economics Association, July 27-30, 2003. Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Norman Uphoff, Erick Fernandez, Yuan Longping, Peng Jiming, Sebastien Rafaralahy, and Justin Rabenandrasana. 2002. “Assessment of the System of Rice Intensification (SRI).”

indigenous technology

Characteristics of Indigenous Technology. [Click here].

Indigenous Technology: Definition. [Click here].

Indigenous Technology: Past, Present, and Future by Y.A. AbdulKareem. [Click here].

Technology and Primitivism by John Filiss [Click here].

Aboriginal Technology. [Click here].

Tribalism. [Click here].

Indigenous Technology and Culture in the Technology Curriculum. [Click here].

Indigenous Technology by Joseph G.M. Massaquoi [Click here].

The Impact of Technology on Indigenous Peoples. [Click here].

The Importance of Indigenous Technology. [Click here].

Importance of Indigenous Technology. [Click here].

Indigenous Technology and Import Substitution. [Click here].

The Role of Foreign Technology and Indigenous Innovation in Emerging Economies. [Click here].

“Using Indigenous Knowledge in Sustainable Development.” personal/t/thtieten/know-can.html.

Suman Sahai. “Indigenous Knowledge is Technology: It Confers Rights on Communities.” 

Gupta Anil K and Ura Karma. Blending Cultural Values, Indigenous Technology and Environment: The Experience of Bhutan.

 “Indigenous Knowledge Systems.”

Joseph G.M. Massaquoi. “Indigenous technology for off-farm rural activities.”

technology, ecology, and mysticism

Our Place in the Spiritual Ecoology by John van Mater, Jr.  [Click here]. 

Radical Ecology by Carol Merchant [Click here].

Science, Technology, and Religion by Rick Sutcliffe [Click here].

Spiritual Ecology [Click here].

Ghost Dances by Paul Saffo [Click here].

Energy Healing by Rita Louise [Click here].

Faith Healing - Spiritual Healing by Harry Edwards [Click here].

Holistic Healing by Jenifer Shapiro [Click here].

Healing and Vanishing Rituals by Phil Hansford [Click here].

Healing: A Tibetan-Buddhist Perspective by Ven Pende Hawter [Click here].

When Technology and Religion Converge [Click here].

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