Applied Cosmic Anthropology
-Asian Social Institute (ASI)

the world of atoms

My 5th video - The Quantum Perspective 

- If our thoughts, feelings, and behavior are conditioned by the physical and chemical processes of our brain, how explain our experience of freedom to choose. This part is an attempt to explain the issue of free will from the perspective of quantum physics or quantum mechanics. click here.

My 4th video - The Microcosmic Perspective 
- The world of the microcosmos is the atomic world, the world of the electrons, protons, neutrons, quarks, leptons, and strings engaged in a dynamic and continuing creation and transformation of energy and particles. While undetectable to our ordinary human senses, the atomic or quantum world has much to say in terms of explaining our interconnectedness and interrelatedness with everything in the Cosmos as well as explaining our conscious and unconscious behavior. click here.

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