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20-Where did our Consciousness come from? 

This is my 20th video. It deals with the following issues:

What is this thing we call "consciousness?" What is its origin? Where did it come from? Did it evolve from the brain? Or, did it come from somewhere out there? What's its importance and relevance to us humanity and the world around us? click here.

Who governs our life

This is my 27th video. It deals with the following concerns:

Who Rules Your Life? Your Conscious or Unconscious Mind? It is commonly accepted that a human mind has two parts – the conscious mind and the unconscious mind. Scientists show that we use both of them but that one is generally more dominant and powerful than the other. The more dominant mind rules our behavior and our relationship with Nature and each other. But who really governs our life? Is it you? Is it your conscious mind or unconscious mind? Or, maybe, you simply don’t know. Know more about yourself! Try this video. [View here].

are we free or predetermined?

My 23rd video - Is freedom an illusion or is it real? 

- Is our free will an illusion? Or, is it real? In what way is our free will an illusion or real? Is it possible perhaps that we are both free and determined? click here.

My 22nd video - Are we free or predermined? 

- What is free will? Are we free or are we predetermined from the very beginning? Or, maybe we can be both - free and determined? If so, in what way? What does science have to say about this? click here.

who am i?

My 21st video - Is there a Self? Who am I?

 - What is the Self? Who am I? What's the difference between the self and the ego? Should we totally remove our ego? What role does the ego play in our life? click here.

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