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approach - interdisciplinary

The sciences are now very much defined into their specialized functions. Economics, for example, belongs to the group called “behavioral sciences” or “social sciences,” which also includes psychology, anthropology, sociology, and political science. In the past few decades, however, something is stirring in the way the sciences are ordered and divided; new interdisciplinary methodologies and tools have emerged that make it possible to link two or more disciplines into one coherent field of subject. A growing number of economists, psychologists, anthropologists, sociologists, and political scientists are now addressing each other, with a few crossing the borders of their respective disciplines and treading the path of arts and humanities, the field populated by philosophers, theologians, poets, artists, and even esotericists. Very recently, a few social scientists are consulting with the physical scientists---biologists, chemists, physicists, neuro-scientists, and computer scientists. And this is happening in both directions. The overall result of all these inter-disciplinary exchanges is the emergence of new theories that give a new understanding and much broader picture of reality, a new vista that would not have been realized had these few individual scientists continued to isolate themselves within the confines of their narrow compartments.

This is how I will approach my courses on “Sustainable Development,” “Mediated Economics,” “Mediated Culture,” “The Informal Sector Economy,” “Cooperativism,” and “Harmonizing Technology and Ecology.” I will attempt to relate these subjects first within the different branches of the social sciences---anthropology (anthro-economics), to sociology (socio-economics), to psychology (psycho-economics), and to politics and governance (political economy, which is already well-treated today). Then, I will dare jump into what seems to be an unlikely territory---the field of the natural sciences, specifically, biology (bio-economics), physics (physico-economics) and  cosmology (cosmic economics).

learning resources

On-going lecture presentations are uploaded every now and then in the form of movies, youtubes, and videosStudents and graduates of Applied Cosmic Anthropology can access all the lectures, some power-point presentations, notes, handouts, and references given in class on this site 24/7 wherever they may be.

All of my students are also invited to join the Society of Cosmic Anthropologists (or, SCAN). This site provides the forum wherein all doctoral students of ASI can interact, exchange ideas, post some announcements, share each others' experiences, etc. Express your unity and oneness with your other ACA kindred by making your presence every now and then in the SCAN Students will receive an invitation to become members.

Should you need more information, don't hesitate to contact me anytime through this website.

aids and techniques

Power-point presentations, youtube presentations prepared by the professor, movies, documentaries, case-studies, reporting by students, interspersed with open forums are some of the various learning methods used in this course. Downloadable readings are available in this website.

In some cases, lecture presentations by the professor maybe made available to the students, but only at the end of the semester.

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