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the mental cosmos

Other than the physical dimension, science speaks of the mental dimension. Physicist Paul Davies states that it is helpful to draw a distinction between the physical and the mental worlds. According to him, “The physical world is populated by material objects that occupy locations in space, and have qualities like extension, mass, electric charge and so on. In contrast, the mental world is populated, not by material objects, but by thoughts” and we can include emotions.

And it is through our appearance as Homo sapiens that the mental dimension of our Cosmos fully developed. As human beings, we possess the faculties that are able to perceive stimuli, from the external world, which we call the objective reality. These faculties are our sensory perceptions, our brain, and our mind. Our sensory organs include the five physical sense. These senses have the ability to pick up external stimuli that are immediately transmitted into our brain. The information perceived by our five physical senses and processed by our brain are transformed by a higher faculty, THE HUMAN MIND, which possesses the capability to transmute these external phenomena into thoughts and emotions. And it is through this faculty that we, human beings, are able to create our world. How?

When we think and emote, we are sending out energies that vibrate and resonate across time, space, and matter. These vibrations, science tells us, are able to fashion forms, systems, structures, and processes that eventually form the world we live in. This is how we construct our world - our belief system, our economic system, our political system, our value system, and so on. All these systems are simply a result of our mental constructs.

And many quantum physicists now speak of a still higher faculty, THE HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS, which explains our experiences of self-awareness, and our ability to be conscious of others, and our surroundings as well.

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