Applied Cosmic Anthropology
-Asian Social Institute (ASI)

1-cosmic anthropology

Cosmic anthropology is a way of viewing humanity from the perspective of the Cosmos. What does "viewing humanity from the perspective of the Cosmos" mean? What precisely is this cosmic perspective all about? What does it take to imbibe it? How does one think or behave from the cosmic perspective? More importantly, what is the value of thinking 'cosmically' to us human beings? These are the questions addressed to in this first lecture series of mine.   

Video series #1

2 - exploring our cosmos

In developing this second lecture series, I tried to answer the following questions: What is the nature of our Cosmos? What does it consist of? How did it appear? Why did it exist at all? And, how are we related to it? What is our role and relationship to the Cosmos in general?

video series #2

3-in the beginning ...

In developing this third series of my lecture, I attempted to address the following questions: Where did all the things we see around us today come from? What are our beginnings? How did we all begin? How could today’s complexities and diversities have come into being? What is our relationship to the beginning of all things? To view the video, click here.

more lectures

I have prepared several lectures on Cosmic Anthropology in movie format. These materials shall be uploaded here during the first and second semesters of every academic year. Thank you and enjoy every learning moment you will experience from hereon. 


Critical Issues in Sustainable Development 

In the past, "sustainable development" has not really been expressed as an explicit goal of development. And now we are suffering the consequences - the world is "under seige." But we are not too aware of this because all we see around us are signs of progress - megamalls, amusement parks, skyways, Internet, high-rise buildings, etc.


Mediated Economy and Monetary Culture

As used in this course, “mediated economy” is a term given to an economy facilitated or mediated by some means of exchange for transactions to take place. Over the millennia, these means of exchange between and among concerned parties have taken several forms.


The Significance of the Informal Sector

The informal sector provides jobs and incomes to the poorest of the poor. But its activities are not officially recorded, much less reported in government statistical reports. This could explain why this sector is oftentimes called the underground, hidden, shadow, or submerged economy. What gave rise to the emergence and proliferation of the informal sector?


Cooperativism and Sustainable Development

As a concept, the term "cooperativism" comes from the Latin word "co-operare." which means "to work together. It connotes people working together in solidarity to achieve common objectives or to promote their common interests. But it applies not only to people or human beings. It is equally applicable to subhuman species - the plants, animals, the planets, galaxies, and even to the atomic and subatomic particles.

Harmonizing Technology with Ecological Concerns

Technology can be understood as a means or tool employed by humanity for intervening reality or ecology. It can mean the hardware, software, including the operating systems. Meanwhile, ecology can be taken to mean our surroundings or environment above or below us, which can include the biosphere which we find interacting with us in the form of air, water, fire, earth or soil, all the living species both sub-human and human. In this course, the focus is on how technology and ecology can be harmonized.

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