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culture and civilization

Difference Between Culture and Civilization: Sociologists' and Anthropologists' View. [Click here].

Difference Between Culture and Civilization. [Click here].

Culture versus Civilization: The Anthropologists' Fallacy by Edward Jayne. [Click here].

Culture and Civilization by Swami Smararananda Maharaj. [Click here].

Culture of Civilizations. [Click here].

The Development of Civilization. [Click here].

A Revolution in Consciousness and Culture by Andrew Cohen. [Click here].


money and culture

Two Intellectual Systems: Matter-Energy and Monetary Culture by M. King Hubert. [Click here].

Oriental and Occidental Monetary Cultures by Zhang Wuyi and Wang Jiafeng. [Click here].

The Culture of Money by Orson Watson. [Click here].

Chinese Money Habits: How My Culture Influences My Attitudes Towards Money by Xin Lu. [Click here].

The "Ten Commandments" of American Culture. [Click here].

American Culture: Money! Money! Money!. [Click here].

Ethics in America's Money Culture by Felix G. Rohatyn. [Click here].

Language and American Culture: Time is Money by Lindsay McMahon. [Click here].

The Tragedy of Money Relations by Jan Lundberg. [Click here].

economy and culture

Economy and Culture by Pierre-Jean Benghozi. [Click here].

Effects of Globalization on Culture by David Rothkop. [Click here]. 

The Drawbacks of Globalization by Wole Akande. [Click here].

Americanization or Cultural Diverisity? by Radley Balko. [Click here].

Global Economy and Cultures by James L. Connor, S.J. [Click here].

The True Clash of Civilizations by Ronald Inglehart and Pippa Norris. [Click here].

The Language of Globalization by Peter Marcuse. [Click here].

Goswami, Rahul. 2003. “Globalization Erodes Local Languages, Fuels 'Glocal' English.” Inter Press Service. July 30, 2003. [Click here].

World's Languages are Disappearing by Rebecca Tuhus-Dubrow. [Click here].

Thinking Globally by Douglas A. Hicks. [Click here].

Church Social Teaching and Globalization by Michel Camdessus. [Click here].

Why Rome Supports the United Nations. [Click here].

How to Humanize Globalization by Pope John Paul II. [Click here].

Engaging Economic Globalization as a Communion. [Click here].

The Spiritual Dimension of Globalization by Udo Hermanstorfer. [Click here].

The Theological Challenge of Globalization by Max L. Stockhouse. [Click here].

The Theological Stake of Globalization by John B. Cobb, Jr. [Click here].

Towards a Theology of Globalization by Brice Rogers. [Click here ].

One Great Family: A New Spirituality by Leonardo Boff Hopes [Click here].

In Search of the Global Soul by Pico Iyer. [Click here].

Islam and Globalization by Mona Maisami. [Click here].

Jihad vs. McWorld by Benjamin Barber. [Click here].

Localizing Culture by Jeremy Seabrook. [Click here].

What is Primitivism by John Filiss. [Click here].

schools and culture

Rothkop, David. 1997. “In Praise of Cultural Imperialism? Effects of Globalization on Culture.” Foreign Policy. June 22, 1997. [Click here]. 

Suárez-Orozco, Marcelo M. and Desirée Baolian Qin-Hilliard. (eds.). 2004. Culture and Education in the New Millennium.  California: The University of California Press. [Click here].

Integral Education: A Foundation for the Future by Partho. [Click here]. 

The Emergence and Characteristics of Integral Education. [Click here].

Changing Culture: Improving Curriculum. [Click here].

Culturally Responsive Teaching. [Click here].

Teaching Culture in Schools by Nadia Salem. [Click here].

Teachers, Teaching Strategies, and Culture by Glen S. Aikenhead. [Click here].

Cultural Identity and Teaching by Kim Kennedy White, et al. [Click here].

How is Cultural Competence Integrated in Education? [Click here].

Becoming Culturally Responsive Educators: Rethinking Teacher Education Pedagogy by Cathy Kea. [Click here].

A New Culture of Teaching in the 21st Century by Stone Wiske. [Click here].

The Role of Education and Educational Institutions in the Evolution of Human Culture. [Click here].

Education for Sustainable Future. [Click here].

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