Applied Cosmic Anthropology
-Asian Social Institute (ASI)

the cosmos as a hologram

The Holographic Universe: Does Objective Reality Exist? by Michael Talbot. [click here]. 

There is no "out there" out there. [click here].

The holographic universe. [click here].

Is the universe a giant hologram? [click here].

Holograms, black holes, and the nature of the universe. [click here].

What is the holographic principle. [view here].

The holographic principle. [click here].

The World as a Hologram by Leonard Susskind (for the mathematically gifted). [download .pdf file here].

The World as a hologram. [view here].

The world as a hologram by Leonard Susskind. [view here]David Bohm and the holographic universe. [click here]Read mo

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