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My Videos about god

My 7th video -The God of Science 

- Scientists have always been forced to deal with the issue of God's existence who, religious believers say, is the Creator of the Cosmos and everything in it. What is science's idea of God's existence and role in the Cosmos? This series presents the views of the world's leading scientists. click here.

My 15th video - The God of the Physicists 

- Do physicists, cosmologists, and astronomers believe in a God? If so, what kind of God do they believe in? What are God's role and function in the universe? click here.

My 9th video - Extraterrestrial Life 

- By going beyond the Big Bang, scientists discovered the M theory which gives birth to the idea of a Multiverse. In so doing, scientists have avoided the conclusion that there is God. But can science evade the compelling evidence of an intelligent design which leads to the idea of an Intelligent Designer whom many believers associate with God or Allah? click here.

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