Applied Cosmic Anthropology
-Asian Social Institute (ASI)

sequencing of courses

 Ph.D. in Applied Cosmic Anthropology

Asian Social Institute (ASI)


Course Offering

First Year

      First Semester:

       ACA 061  Introduction to Creation Spirituality

       ACA 062  Asian Values & Creation Spirituality

       ACA 063  Spiritual Expression of Cosmic Consciousness

       ACA 072  Language & Socio-Cultural Transformation

      Second Semester:

       ACA 071  Structural Patterns of Human Consciousness

       ACA 073  Mythology, the Basis of Institutional Dynamics

       ACA 074  Semiotics & Communication of Change Processes

       ACA 091  Accompanying People’s Movement Towards Socio-Cultural

                      Transformation  (Part I)

Second Year 

        First Semester:

        ACA 081  Critical Issues Related to Sustainable Development

        ACA 082  Mediated Economics (the Monetary Cultural System) in

                       Developing Countries

        ACA 083  The Significance of the Informal Sector


        Second Semester:

        ACA 084  Cooperativism & Sustainable Development*

        ACA 091  Accompanying People’s Movement Towards Socio-Cultural

                      Transformation  (Part II)

       ACA 092  Harmonizing Technology with Ecological Concerns*

       ACA 101  Theory of Integrating Science, Psycho-Philosophical, and

                       Religio-Mystical Approaches


Third Year

       First Semester:


       Second Semester:




*Students cannot enroll in these subjects without completing the three subjects offered in the first semester of the second year level, namely, ACA 081, ACA 082, and ACA 083.

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