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Date: 25/04/2013

By: Des Anonat

Subject: Cosmic Anthropology

All the effort, the energy and the wisdom of putting everything here Doc Paul is really unimaginable to me! You're really are gifted with so much knowledge and a big heart for sharing all these things to us, your students. Through this new website, I know we are and will be continuously learning from you.

May the Intelligent Designer of the Cosmos bless you with more strength, good health and wisdom to continuously spread all these information and bunched of knowledge to the whole of humanity. More power!



Date: 26/04/2013

By: Philip Emmanuel C Penaflor

Subject: Where am I in the cosmos?

I am amazed at the researches made by Dr Paul Dejillas on these various topics, and from time to time I would pass by to see what's in here and it never fails to amaze me about the tons of new discoveries and learning about our evolving universe, or is it our consciousness about the universe that is evolving? So let me express my own gratitude for the works of Dr Paul. One day in the near future I hope to contribute some of my insights into our ever-unfolding universe. I'm still in to the physical and mental realms, hoping to go beyond...



Date: 12/07/2013

By: Sr. Violeta SM

Subject: Dr Paul's initiative to put up two websites on Cosmic Anthropology

It is simply amazing to know about these two new websites "put up" (the right expression?) by Dr. Paul. They're simply like a library at our finger tips! There is so much more to learn and know about the cosmos. 

Modern pedagogy advocates teachers to make students learn to learn continuously. Having this virtual collection of very interesting-important-recent materials makes continuous education in ACA possible. Having the figure of zealous Dr. Paul before us, we have a model of a pro-active learner-professor with us. Thnx, Sir ! GBU!



Date: 02/12/2013

By: Bayani Antonio U. Calalang Jr.

Subject: Our Cosmic Sphere

We have been probing the cosmic sphere. And, there is wholeness in Vastness as well as Unity in the whole cosmic Sphere. Yet each being has all the properties of this cosmic sphere. In our understanding, we are all interconnected. There is no separatedness and insignificance in terms of our miniscule size. The whole cosmic sphere is not only for us to stare with awe but to ponder our potentialities if the cosmic is within us. I believe we are yet to learn so many things with our cosmic sphere. New theories beyond quantum physics will continue to emerge and correlate with us. Those who are prepared with open-mind of new ideas will enjoy its benefits while some will remain complacent and left behind. It is the responsibility of the ASIan students to guide the whole humanity of this cosmic phenomenon.



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