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Students are required to submit a weekly personal reflections based on the topic(s) presented in class. The specific topics for reflections are given below in the form of Assignments.  Reflections shall not be more than 770 words or not more than one page short bond paper, single space.

All reflections are to be submitted here. Or,they can be directly sent to my my email address at

In addition to the short reflections, students are required to submit an article related to any or some of the subjects they are taking (i.e., sustainable development, mediated economy, monetary culture, or the informal-sector economy). Articles are to be transmitted directly to the professor's email address -- -- and those found publishable will be subjected to technical editing.

Thank you.

assignment No. 1

In the first semester, you will be trained here as future doctors. You are expected to diagnose your own problem, those of others, those of society, and those of the environment based on the various theories and research findings you will gather in class and from various disciplines and authors. Based on your own diagnosis, you are also trained here to prescribe solutions.

The doctoral program is no longer a place where the students raise the problem and the professor or teacher gives the solution. This is creating a culture of dependency. Doctors, after graduation and passing the board, no longer asks questions to their professors, whenever they have patients before them in their clinics.

Let’s learn from the way doctors and lawyers are trained. Doctors-about-to-graduate are exposed to a hospital where they treat patients. These students, usually in groups, diagnose patients, confer notes with each other, etc., all in the present of their teacher, professor, or mentor. Newly graduate lawyers have to work in a law firm as apprentices to do legal research, formulate pleadings, do court defenses, experience cross-examinations, etc.

They never question their teachers. For after all, teachers are hired based on the trust and confidence of the Institution that hired them. If this trust and confidence is already lost, then, it goes without saying that they are no longer given loads in the subsequent semesters.

While discussion is encouraged in class, the classroom atmosphere here is not one of argumentation and debate, like sessions in Congress or in the courts of law. Here, it is not a matter of what or who is right (physical sciences, religion, philosophy, theology, social sciences). It’s not a matter of clinging to your own views as right and the others wrong. What matters is simply to know and understand the beliefs of others, so we can dialogue and be in communion with them.

Anyway, this is your first assignment and you are required to reflect on  the above issues. And please, speak only about yourself -- your thoughts, emotions, insights, experiences -- not about those of others. The students are to post their reflection here. Or, they can send it directly to my email address above.

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