Applied Cosmic Anthropology
-Asian Social Institute (ASI)

asi dissertation framework - phenomenological approach

ASI Dissertation Framework

(Using the Phenomenological Approach)


Chapter I:  The Problem and its Setting

Background of the Problem

Statement of the Problem

·         General objective

·         Specific objectives:  (Note:  Limit the specific objectives to a few questions, that is, about 2-3)

Significance of the Study

Scope and limitations

Definition of terms


Chapter II:  Theoretical Orientation and Review of Related Literature and Studies

Theories related to ACA from which perspective the dissertation is being written.  For instance:

·         Ken Wilber’s  All Quadrants, All Levels (AQAL)

·         Matthew Fox’s Creation Spirituality

·         Jung’s Process of Individuation

·         Other pertinent theories related to the dissertation

Review of Related Literature (readings pertinent to the phenomenon)

Phenomenological and other studies on the phenomenon

Summary of “why” one’s topic is unique


Chapter III:  Methodology


Phenomenology as a research approach

Existential-phenomenological epistemological principles

Specifics of the approach (as applied in the study)

·         The phenomenon being studied

·         Selection of the co-researchers

·         Ways of gathering lived-experiences


o    Story-telling

o    Focus-group discussion (FGD)

o    Kulandong (tent school approach)

o    Participant-observation or observer-participant

o    Soap operas

o    Songs

o    Diaries

o    Journals, newspaper accounts

o    Myths

Interpretative process

Reflective narrative

Thematic reflection

Second reflection (ad infinitum)

Eidetic insight


Chapter IV:  Presentation of Lived Experiences and Insights

A.      Introduction

B.      Reflective Narratives (each narrative with a title)

C.      First reflection

D.      Second reflection (a theme that names a cluster of themes)

E.       A composite summary

Chapter V:  Creative Synthesis:  Eidetic Insight, Implications and Recommendations

A.      Eidetic Insight explained and represented symbolically

B.      Theorizing:  a discussion of theories

C.      Implication for action

D.      Recommendations


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